Three Generations

Clarence DopplerClarence Doppler

Johnson Doppler Lumber Company was founded over 100 years ago by Clarence Doppler, along with business partner Myron Johnson. The company was established as a wholesaler of Industrial Lumber for the Manufacturing industry, as well as a distributor of coal which was a major source of power and heat during that era.

After 26 years in operation the partnership ended, and Clarence Doppler became sole owner of the Johnson Doppler Lumber Company in 1946. Clarence and his two sons who later joined the company were instrumental in Johnson Doppler’s successful operations, making it their life long careers. Clarence continued to operate the company as President and CEO until his passing in 1957.

Donald DopplerDonald Doppler

Donald Doppler joined the Johnson Doppler Lumber Company in 1949. Donald graduated from the University of Cincinnati obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering. Donald very actively pursued industrial accounts as well as focusing on the Residential Building Industry. The residential housing market rapidly expanded following WWII and Johnson Doppler became a major supplier to local Tristate home builders.

William Doppler joined the company in 1951, after graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Business Administration. William actively pursued both industrial and residential builder accounts. William also served as the Purchasing Director, purchasing lumber for yard inventory and for customer special requirements.

William DopplerWilliam Doppler

Together Donald and William successfully operated the Johnson Doppler Lumber Company for nearly sixty years. William, Vice President and Treasurer, actively worked until his retirement in 2006, and later passed in 2012. Donald, President and CEO, continued to operate the company until his passing in 2010.

Lori Doppler SchweppeLori Doppler Schweppe

Johnson Doppler Lumber Company is now operating as a third generation company with Lori Doppler Schweppe as President and CEO. Lori attended the University of Cincinnati graduating with a degree in Information Systems and Management. Lori is the daughter of Donald Doppler, and has been with the company since 1991. As a third generation company we are proud of our 100 years of success. We look forward to continuing to provide quality products and superior service for many years to come.